Illustration of a family reading inside under a tent made of sheetsAustralia Reads is a unique Australian book industry collaboration (between authors, booksellers, libraries and publishers) borne of a common passion for, and mutual interest in, championing reading, promoting the many mental health and lifestyle benefits of reading books, and encouraging the next generation of avid book readers.

Everything we do, we believe in championing reading. We believe reading is the key to a smarter, healthier, happier nation. The way we champion reading is by curating a content and events platform that is informed by research, beautifully designed for all ages, and a conduit for connecting with businesses, communities, organisations and schools. And we just happen to have Australia’s great authors on our books – quite literally.

Illustration of a family and a koala being recommended books by a bookseller in front of bookshelves
Ilustrations by Beck Feiner

By positioning Australia Reads as an always on initiative, Books Create Australia (an alliance between ALIA, the ABA, APA and ASA) aims to significantly increase book reading by all Australians – no matter the format they read.

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